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Are there custom-built garage doors?

Yes. While garage doors typically follow standard sizes, there are custom-built garage doors that are made to satisfy the needs of those with different requirements. However, garage door companies that customize may still have limitations to consider when providing doors and openers. They would also probably cost more than the regular ones.

Could I paint my garage door?

According to our experts, most garage doors may be painted, but with certain specifications like the type of paint or how the paint would be applied. For certain garage doors, for example, you may have to remove wax or coating from the surface before painting.

Can I install my own garage door opener?

Professionals at Garage Door Repair Hauppauge suggest that you be careful when installing garage door openers. There are a lot of intricate processes involved in the installation. So make sure that you have the manual in front of you and follow the steps one at a time to avoid any problems in the future.

Can I get a customized door?

Our professional garage door repair company in Hauppauge is able to install a customized door. It requires the proper measurements be made prior to installation. If the measurements are not correct, the installation of your door will not be achieved. Proper installation affects functionality.

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