Gate Repair in Hauppauge

We are known for our excellence in garage door repairs but we are equally exceptional in gate services.

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What's magnificent about “Garage Door Repair Hauppauge” is that it doesn't limit its services in garage door repairs. We are also exceptional gate repair contractors and provide full services. We are available for your emergencies 24/7 and offer our assistance the same day you call. People, who already have tried out our garage door services, know the quality of our work and trust our gate service experts as well. We are offering services for years and still take the pride of welcoming new clients on a regular basis. We assure you all that our services just get better and better.Gate Repair in Hauppauge

We are expert teams and offer top repair services

Rely on us! When you have gate problems, count on the experience and excellent technical knowhow of our repair contractors. We make sure your gate offers you the necessary security, moves safely and operates in perfection. We are excellent installers, fast repairmen and will be there every single time you need our help. This is a taste of what we do.

Gate intercom services
We install intercoms and phone entry systems and are here to repair problems with the system, wiring or keypad. Our technicians are knowledgeable of the latest high tech intercoms and will also provide you advice when you are looking for new solutions for either your home or company. We are accurate and service these systems properly.

Gate opener maintenance
We maintain the opener system thoroughly. We check every single part of the opener and test the efficiency of the entrapment protection devices. Our technicians make sure all wires are connected properly and replace them if they are worn so that you can avoid problems tomorrow. We have the capacity to detect unseen issues and take care of noises, motor and clicker problems.

Replacement of broken gate parts
Broken parts don't serve you anything. On the contrary, they will create a number of great problems and possibly won't allow you to close or open the gate. Our company orders new replacement parts from top manufacturers in order to be sure of their quality and will be there at your home as soon as possible for the replacement of the broken ones, and the installation of the new parts. 

Gate wheels repair
Wheels carry the weight of the rolling gate and are often worn. Their brackets can also loosen up and in this case we need to tighten them and make sure they sit well in the tracks so that the gate will slide back and forth properly. We make sure of their smooth movement by lubricating them or replacing them when they are completely damaged.

New opener keypad installation
People who prefer keypads over clickers will have our full cooperation. We install them with accuracy, program them and often connect them with intercom systems. Our work is great, accurate and you can also count on us for repairs.

Emergency services 24/7
Emergency problems demand urgency in movements from our part and rest assured that we have 24 hour well-prepared teams for sudden problems. We arrive at your home as soon as we can regardless of the time and fix the problem in order to provide security and safety for you and your family.

The services of our company act as an umbrella under which you can find solutions and you can be sure that your problems won't only be solved but will also be prevented. We are fine contractors with huge experience and offer full services for your convenience and safety. Why don't you contact us!

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